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Beautifully designed, custom to-order sport medals in just 3 simple steps.


Do you want custom medals? You’re in the driver seat.

Watch the video to learn three different processes we use to make stunning custom medallions. Find out more about finishing techniques and time required to ship your order!

From national sport events, sports day medals or academic achievement medals, we have created every type of custom medal imaginable. We've been selling online since 2002 and our family has been in this industry since 1971!

Simply design your own custom medal by

  • Choosing from Stamped, Cast or Printed 
  • Select your finishing options
  • Pick your ribbon attachment method
  • Tell us what kind of ribbon you prefer
  • Upload your custom image and provide a bit of info

It really is that simple.

Not sure what you want? No problem! Speak to a medal expert today!

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Not Sure What You Need? Talk to Our Experts Today!