Get custom embroidery and personalization on the most recognizable hat on the market.  


custom flexfit baseball hat embroidery BCCustom Hats in BC 


Rely on our 15 years of experience in sourcing, supplying and selling custom caps.  Our embroidery quality is second to none.  We guide you through the hat selection process and ensure that your art files are prepared properly for embroidery. We prefer Flexfit custom baseball caps due to their high quality and modern styling.

There are four steps required to determine a price for your order of customized Flexfit hats. 


1) Select a hat style. With Flexfit, you need to decide on Fitted or Snap Back style.
Click on image to download catalog or visit Flexfit.com



2) Determine Your Hat Style: Fitted or Snap Back. If you are going with the fitted style, you need to determine your sizing break down. Minimum order for flexfit is 24pc. 


Flexfit Sizing Chart

3) Submit your art so we can determine a price to embroider your logo on the hat. The "digitization" process is incredibly important. Our team of experts evaluates the fabric type, level of detail in your design and max/minimum size for your logo. We then carefully plot out the paths the embroidery machine must make to render your logo in thread. 



  • Hat pricing for Flexfit typically lands in the $8-12 a unit. They are a high quality hat shipped from Montreal, QC, to our embroider in Vancouver and then in turn, shipped to your location.  If you want a cheaper hat, check out the links above for AJM and KNP. 
  • Hat pricing is not influenced by number of colours in logo. Rather the amount of detail. 
  • Art For Emboridery -  Embroidery machines are limited on the amount of detail. We often have to simplify and edit your art so that it can be rendered in embroidery thread. Fonts are typically changed to UPPERCASE ARIAL or similar. Fancy fonts or hats with multiple or large embroidery areas are very difficult and expensive to embroider domestically unless you go with a full custom order. (ie- 572pc, 8-12 weeks) 
  • Embroidery pricing is sold per 1000 stitches. The more detailed the logo, the more it costs to digitize and stitch. Expect a digitization charge on your first order and a unit embroidery charge. Most simple logos land in the 5000 stitches range.
  • Minimum order is 24pc. 
  • Lead time is 3-4 weeks. Ask us for details about any deadline you have.