If you're law firm is looking to recruit new talent to the workplace you'll appreciate the benefits of promotional products to hand out at recruitment drives. Feburary is generally the time of year that recruitment drives start happening at most universites with the goal to recruit students to article with you in the summer.

Getting your name known can sometimes be difficult, when there's so much competition to attract the best job candidates, but giving out useful quality promotional products clearly branded with your law firm name and logo is one proven way of getting ahead of the other law firms.

The more unique and interesting they are, the better impressions you will leave on potential candidates. We provide a variety of useful and fun branded products that are an ideal choice when you want to raise interest from articling students. Just some of the marketing giveaways your law firm could consider include:

1) Leather Bound Journals & Smartphone Cases


Leather bound journals are always an appreciated gift. They get used and carried around from class to class and seen by other students. They're also an item that people find useful and use for years to come. Same goes for tablet, and smart phone cases. These are items if chosen correctly can leave a lasting impression on candidates as they get added into their daily routines.

2) Promotional USB drives

These are a useful choice for students or potential employees already in the workplace. Printing your unique message onto any of the USB memory sticks, keys or flash drives ensures your business details are constantly available to your potential new talent. Students always love USB drives as it is a useful tool for sharing documents & photos.

3) Pens and pen sets

Pens or pen sets are another useful promotional product you could use to boost your recruitment opportunities. You can choose very classy pen sets with your brand inscribed on them or go with more playful and colorful options.  Pen sets can come in nice boxes that will give a great first impression when you hand them out.

PK5001_Gift_Set_Regular4) Branded High-tech Products

Upping the game on promotional goodies could include giving out high-tech branded products and we can supply a variety of products to suit your budget - from smartphone chargers, headphones, speakers, folding keyboards to high-tech gift sets that will raise eyebrows when you give them out. Your potential new recruit has friends with similar interests so when you give away classy hi-tech swag you're promoting your law firm's name to a variety of possible future employees with something they will want to show off.

PK4005_Gift_Set_Regular5) Custom Drinkware

Custom drinkware is another great time tested promotional product that's sure to get your law firm noticed. You can choose a variety of drinkware items including travel mugs, ceramic mugs, sports bottles and even coasters or plastic glasses. Winter is the traditional season for law firm's to visit universities and recruit new talent. 


6) Classy Gift Sets

There are many gift sets that can be great recruitment tools. Some of these gift sets can include everything from padfolio, wallets, business card holders, pens and key ring holders. 

Gift sets can come packed in nice looking boxes with a bow around them for a great visual presentation. No matter what new talent you're trying to recruit for your firm, we would love to help you explore ideas that will help recruit your potential students at your next student recruitment drive.

Let us know how we can help.