Promotional Pens, Trade Show Journals And Corporate Give-Aways 


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Promotional Pens

Everyone knows that logo pens are a great, low cost way to promote your company.  Especially if you give away the latest promotional pens from Spector and Co. Cutting edge design and features, you are going to love writing with one of these pens. Choose from low cost to premium options.  Don't overlook high tech options like stylus logo pens or usb pen sets. 


Trade Show Journals

If you have ever attended a conference or trade show before, you know how big this product is. It offers sponsors a huge opportunity to be in front of their target audience and create a lasting impression. We offer eco-friendly, leather bound and unique journal books for embossing or imprinting. 


Unique Trade Show Give-Aways

Finding swag that hasn't been "over-done" is hard to do on your own. What if you had access to a company that did this all the time and knew what everyone was raving about? Wait! You do! Ask your rep to view the latest promotional headphones and ear buds, bluetooth speakers or USB products. We know whats "on trend" or headed for a close out special next year. Let us steer you straight with your next trade show gift idea.