Create a steady stream of qualified buyers and sellers with inbound marketing and logo swag!


 "As long as my name is out there...thats all that matters right?" 


Most of our real estate customers tend to stick to magnets, calendars and pens. Then they try to make that one item work for a variety of situations. 


How does giving away "stuff" to your prospective customers create sales? It doesn't.  Branding doesn't mean throwing your logo on stuff.  Consider this: branding uses business intelligence to create customer recognition and relationships. How do we jam all that into a calendar or pen you ask?  


What if we told you we know how to turn swag into leads? 



  • Is that $0.70 pen going to impress the person buying the $800,000 home?

  • Will your fridge magnet stay on the customers fridge more than a month?

  • Has that calendar brought any leads to your door? 


You have no idea. The same questions apply to ALL of your marketing. Yet, you keep paying the bill for the newspaper ads, the website, the pens, the mail outs, the trade shows and hope for the best.


You need a better plan!


We just found you using "inbound marketing". We want to teach you to do the same with our handy guidebook.  




  • learn the #1 MISTAKE realtors make when branding 

  • recieve an "entry level" overview of how inbound marketing works specifically for realtors

  • gain access to the youtube-newicon.png video series "Make Swag Pay" which shows you the steps required to suceed

  • get resources for setting up your own inbound marketing system

  • look under the hood of our inbound marketing system and watch the video "data driven decision making"

  • get tips and techniques for attracting customers on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Pinterest

  • see 3 unusual tips for amplifying the effectiveness of your lawn signs and business cards


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