SOFT ENAMEL LAPEL PINSsoft-enamel-pins-custom.png

This custom lapel pin process is very popular for good reason. Soft enamel pins are priced signifigantly less than hard enamel while sacrificing very little. 


Why is it called soft?

Like a lot of trade names, the origin of this handle is a mystery. The enamel is not soft. It stays on for years.


What is the difference between soft and hard enamel? 

The main different with this product is the amount of paint used. With hard enamel, the paint is filled level with the surface of the pin. With this version, they use a lot less paint. Most people can't tell the difference between the processes so if you want to maximize your spend, choose this process.


How much does a pin cost?  

Once we know the size, quantity and deadline for your order we can provide an accurate quote. 

How long does my order take? 

Usually around 3 weeks once you have approved your order. Shorter timelines are possible. Contact us today and we can provide more information about your custom soft enamel lapel pin order.