DIY Enamel Pin Designer Master Class

Posted by Craig Davidiuk on 8/15/18 2:12 PM

To say that the enamel pin trend has had an impact on our business, would be an understatement! Artists and DIY enamel pin designers are arriving at our door in droves and now account for 30% of our new customers.

We noticed this trend starting a few years ago and wondered "How can we support all these new pin designers better?"  The answer: The Enamel Pin Design Master Class. 

The response to this series has been amazing! Here is one comment from our Youtube Channel:


The program is developed and produced by Ultimate Promotions Owner, Craig Davidiuk. He used to produce training videos for a living, has been a graphic designer since Adobe Illustrator was in beta and has owned Ultimate Promotions for 16 years. The videos are short, concise and very useful. 

Experienced Designers will appreciate our Art Review Videos.  Craig does a screencast and digs into the details of a real enamel pin design. 


VIDEO 1: Understanding Pin Manufacturing & Enamel Types

  • learn about die struck manufacturing process
  • learn difference between hard and soft enamel and when to use each




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Video 2: Setting Up Photoshop & Illustrator

  • learn Pro's and Con's of each software
  • colour matching using pantone book
  • setting up your canvas properly
  • scaling
  • prevent common mistakes


Video 3:  Design Tips For Enamel Pins

  • learn a couple of unique tips for pins only
  • see the different electroplate finishes
  • learn about transparent enamels
  • download a cheat sheet for designers and $25 off coupon

Free Enamel Pin Design Course And Tips

Video 4: Ultimate Promotions vs China Direct

If you are considering a small quantity order from a Chinese factory, you should consider the risks. Enamel pin expert and industry veteran Craig Davidiuk breaks down the issues he has faced personally as a direct importer.

Your $0.50 USD pin might end up costing you $6 CDN by the time you are done paying all the hidden fees. Watch to find out more and discover the difference that Ultimate Promotions offers the novice enamel pin buyer.



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linkedinCraig Davidiuk has been in the promotional products his entire life. His family owned and operated a pin factory until 2002 and he eventually took over the company in 2012. He also has a diploma in Media Resources from Capilano University. Today his company is one of the leading suppliers of custom pins, medals and swag in Western Canada.

He is a father of one son with his wife, Courtney. Craig enjoys skiing, mountain biking, DJing, playing saxophone and world travel.  The Davidiuk family resides in 100 Mile House, BC. 


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