DIY Enamel Pin Design: Clear Enamel

Posted by Craig Davidiuk on 8/13/18 1:54 PM

Do you want unique looking enamel pins? One of the most under utilized "tricks of the trade" we offer is the use of semi-transparent enamel. This style of paint allows you to see the background of the pin and combine this effect with a textured background. The results are stunning. Read about three examples of how to use transparent enamels properly.

Colour Choices For Transparent Enameltrans-enam-colour-chips


Gradients & Enamel Pin Design

The problem with gradients in enamel pin design is you can't have art areas in which the paint overlaps. Each colour needs to be self contained. If your enamel pin art has a gradient in it, this might be the work around you are looking for.

We have all seen gradients but a lot of people are unfamiliar with the term. Basically, it's the combination of colors in a single area to produce a gradual color change. Sunsets are a great example of a gradient. 

This is a fairly advanced design technique and may require some coaching. They key to your success is being able to visualize the different engraving layers in the base metal. The pin with flowers below demonstrates a design that features multiple heights of base metal in relation to the surface of the paint. The thinner the enamel, the lighter it shows. When you combine it with nickel or gold electroplate, the results can be stunning!




Unique Enamel Pin Designs

You want a one-of-a-kind looking enamel pin. Clear enamels and engraving textures can deliver! Your design will look very unique because very few enamel pin designers use this type of paint.

Another way we can add to the uniqueness of a pin is to sandblast the pin before enamel. The burning man pendant below with the purple stripe has a sandblasted base with a small circle of clear purple enamel.  Here at Ultimate Promotions, our staff is always excited to see an opportunity where we can substitute regular epoxy for clear enamel. We will always try to point out these opportunities to enamel pin designers when they submit their art for quote.  




Custom Animal Lapel Pins

When designing custom animal enamel pins, it's sometimes necessary to show muscle tone and fine detail. This is a great way to give the art a more realistic look. Adding clear enamel to 3D engraving is also another technique we use to make the detail stand out. You can also use the same design techniques on human figures when designing your own enamel pins.



There is always a time and a place to work with Semi-Transparent enamels. Contact us if you want some advice on how to best utilize this decoration technique.

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