What Is Vector Art?

Posted by Craig Davidiuk on 8/13/18 10:57 AM

Getting high quality imprints begins with art. With so many file formats out there, how do you know which one to send us?  People in the printing and promo products industry will always request vector art. This short video breaks down the difference between pixel based files and vector art. 



What is A Vector Art File?

The technical answer: vector art programs create graphics that can be edited and scaled to any size. The main program we see on the market generating these files is Adobe Illustrator. This program creates crisp, clean vector files and it's used primarily by the print and graphic design industry.  If you don't have Adobe and want to try your hand at creating your own vector file, you can view a list of popular alternatives to Adobe here.


When customers and enamel pin designers arrive at our door with a logo, one of three scenarios happens: 


1) "I have a JPG. That's it". 

JPG's are a file format designed for use on websites. The file is highly compressed and quite "lossy" in some cases.  If you have every worked with a graphic designer or printer, they will probably have a vector versioni (Ie- AI, PDF, EPS (from Illustrator, not Photoshop)


2) "How do I convert my logo to vector art?"

Several online converters exist. They do a terrible job. A vector file needs to start in a vector based art program.  Let us do the conversion free of charge. 


3)" I work at XYZ University. Here is my JPG."

 Take the time to track down your companies graphic standards manual and find us a proper version.  Using poor quality versions of the logo will get us both into trouble. LOL. 


And for those of you that want to send us Powerpoint or Microsoft word, please be advised that these files are not useful for our purposes. Those programs are for letterhead and slide shows, not art.  We'll end up taking a grotty screen shot and then trying to re-draw a terrible version of your logo. Just find us a large JPG.  As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out!



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