Custom Challenge Coins

Low 30pc Minimum Order Quantity


New To Challenge Coins?

There are two main reasons to use challenge coins. Primarily it’s for membership in a police, fire or military organization.  It’s a tradition that keeps getting passed on through the ranks. It’s very easy to design and purchase a challenge coin online these days.


What Size Should I make My Challenge Coin? 

There is no standard size for custom coins but most range in the 1.25- 1.5” range.  We use the die struck process for manufacturing coins. If you have a thicker or larger coin we can always use the die cast process.  We use zinc as a base metal and then electroplate it to your liking. We can use bright electroplate or antique for a more distressed feel.

Depending on your artwork, we may need to manufacture the coin in different ways. Most law enforcement crests, firefighter shields or military unit badges are complex.  The complexity fo the art will dictate the size in most cases. We either have to remove some detail or make a bigger coins.


2D or 3D Coins


Some crests and insignia’s lend themselves to 3D engraving. This process takes a bit longer and the set up fees cost more but the end results is worth it in our opinion. It gives the coin a more prestigious feel. This type of engraving is suitable for complex art that has 3d Objects in them. Things like birds, flowers, firefighter axes work well in 3D.


The vast majority of logos for this type of product are simple and can be administered without issue as a 2D design.


Painted Or Plain


Some people prefer to add a bit of colour to their coins. We offer two enamel types, hard enamel or soft enamel.  Hard enamel has paint level with the surface. Soft enamel does not and costs about 40% less per unit. 


Hybrid Challenge Coins


We’ve made quite a few coins with full colour artwork on one side. This allows people buying custom challenge coins to submit photographs or full colour graphics that can’t be rendered effectively with the stamping or casting process.


Ohter Uses For Challenge Coins


Brands and companies are starting to use challenge coins to represent accomplishments in their businesses. We recently worked with a Personal Coach who wanted a way to remind her clients about the work they were doing with her. Motivational challenge coins are definitely a great way to create brand awareness for your company.