Custom Enamel Pins in 3 Steps!

Custom Enamel Pins Taking Brands And Creatives By Storm

Getting your logo made into a custom enamel pin is nothing new. The concept of getting logo pins made goes back about five decades. The locations of the factories have changed from North America to Japan to Taiwan and now China. The process remains the same. 

 Custom enamel pins are still mini works of art and despite past reputations as being the promotional product for your grandparents, big changes have hit our industry in the past five years. 

Enter the enamel pin trend. When we first started in this business, half our customers called them “lapel pins”. And the other half had no idea what a “lapel” even was. So we were often called upon to make pin badges or pin buttons. [we get what you mean!] Thankfully the next generation of custom pin buyers has came up with a better descriptor: enamel pins.

Enamel Pins For Artists

Etsy and Shopify came along this past decade. Artists and creatives have not only been driving the enamel pin trend but redefining the industry. Many creatives are making serious money by designing and selling art pins.

There are two ways that graphics designers and artists have changed the custom enamel pin business .

Creatives like to DIY, or design it yourself. It’s been an adjustment for the industry but these days we are more than happy to get high quality artwork for our custom enamel pin jobs from this group. Luckily there are more blogs and videos  than ever before to support graphic designers and artists learn enamel pin design.

Coloured metal. Until about five years ago your choice for metal colours were bronze, silver and gold. It was really hard for designers to visualize using "metal" lines. Especially metal lines that were not black or primary colours.

Factories have responded to the needs of creatives by inventing new electroplating technology  that allows us to dye the metal ANY colour you want. So not you can have white or black metal with enamel colours. It goes without saying that the creative community has embraced this with open arms as have we. 


Enamel Pins For Branding

Brands are also embracing custom made enamel pin. During the 2000’s to 2015, lapel pins were a tough sell to advertising agencies and brands. They didn’t carry the modern cachet of usb drives, travel mugs and their ilk.  The approach was all wrong though. Who wants to wear a corporate logo? Most of the time lapel pins were relegated to the junk drawer a few days after any given pin giveaway. 

These days we are not only working with dozens of brands like KLM, TED and Zwilling,  but were witnessing a larger-than-ever-before interest in this product. These people also stopped calling them lapel pins and started using the Millennial created “enamel pin” handle.  It turns out Millenial's are one of the largest consumers of enamel pins of the pop culture and anime variety. It's a match made in heaven for ad agencies and big brands!

The difference is that agencies and major brands are using creative enamel pins and keeping the logo off altogether or doing something funny or eye catching. Opa! Greek Restaurants for example made a Greek chicken wrap pin. VIce & Virtue brewing is giving out unicorn pins. 


Sports Trading Pins

Tournaments, international games and meets use a lot of trading pins. In some cases the pin trading events are just as visited as the games themselves (can’t say Olympics or make any reference to it).  We’ve made dozens of pins of the day, puzzle pins, baseball and hockey trading pins and even roller hockey! Trading custom enamel pins between games is a great way to get youth interacting with each other.


Tattoo Artist Enamel Pins

Tattoo shops are finding enamel pins are a grassroots way to advertise their business. Thi also gives them a low cost way to ensure that their shop art or brand is visible, when the tattoo might not be! Tattoo artists are also using pins as a secondary income and for swag they give away at tattoo conventions. Enamel pins are very grassroots and street level. 


Cannabis Culture Pins

Finally one simply can’t ignore the massive impact cannabis culture has had on the enamel pin movement recently. Due to legalization in Canada and parts of the USA, we’re seeing cannabis brands being showcased with their own pin. We’ve made cannabis brand pins for Advanced Nutrients, Aurora and Pure Sun and Aurora. 

Due to heavy restrictions for marketing, cannabis industry producers are finding enamel pins a useful tool in getting the word out about strains names like Namaste and Pure Sun. Pass the pins dude!


Get Your Enamel Pin Today!

In closing, we’ve never seen such a huge uptick in custom enamel pin orders as we’ve seen in the past five years. We feel the enamel pin trend is here to stay .