The Silly Season: Deadlines You Need To Know About

Posted by Craig Davidiuk on 11/5/18 12:51 PM

In our business, TIMING is everything. Please review two different holiday events that affect the delivery of pins, medals and lanyards. 


1) Christmas Holidays🎅

  • Deadlines Affected: December 1- 15th. 
  • We are closed: December 21 - Jan 5th
  • 💡 Order before: Mid-November for Pre-Christmas delivery

If you require swag for your staff or clients this holiday season, you really should be talking to me right now. There are three reasons.

  • Supplier capacity: everyone else left it to the last minute too
  • Rush shipping charges: Think $400 to ship your mugs instead of $80
  • Product Selection: "Sorry, that item is sold out!" 

Most items take 3 weeks to decorate and ship. Most suppliers are in Eastern Canada or the US. Shipping to Western Canada takes 5-7 days. Couriers are overwhelmed. Everyone is stressed out, Who needs it?


Hey! Government customers with March 31st deadlines!!


2) Chinese Lunar New Year 🌙  Year of the 🐷

  • Deadlines Affected: January 31- March 15th.
  • Products Affected: Pins, Medals, Lanyards
  • Factories Closed: Feb 5th until Feb 25th
  • 💡 Order before Christmas for deadlines between Jan 18 -  Mar 22nd




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linkedinCraig Davidiuk has been in the promotional products his entire life. His family owned and operated a pin factory until 2002 and he eventually took over the company in 2012. He also has a diploma in Media Resources from Capilano University. Today his company is one of the leading suppliers of custom pins, medals and swag in Western Canada.

He is a father of one son with his wife, Courtney. Craig enjoys skiing, mountain biking, DJing, playing saxophone and world travel.  The Davidiuk family resides in 100 Mile House, BC. 


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