Craig Davidiuk

Craig Davidiuk
Craig is an entrepreneur with 20+ years in the custom pin and medal industry.
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DIY Enamel Pin Design: What Size Do I Make My Enamel Pin?

The number one topic that we have to educate our clients about is pin scaling. There are a number of things to consider when determining what the


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linkedinCraig Davidiuk has been in the promotional products his entire life. His family owned and operated a pin factory until 2002 and he eventually took over the company in 2012. He also has a diploma in Media Resources from Capilano University. Today his company is one of the leading suppliers of custom pins, medals and swag in Western Canada.

He is a father of one son with his wife, Courtney. Craig enjoys skiing, mountain biking, DJing, playing saxophone and world travel.  The Davidiuk family resides in 100 Mile House, BC. 



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